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The Marina Tower Apartment Job (Thuan An Vehicle) was created to provide ideal design in conditions of space, space, air blood circulation and day light. Samsora Riverside Apartment Job (Samland Tan Truck) involves 3 blocks of 22 surfaces with 1136 devices.

marina tower1.More of Marina Tower Apartment Task (Thuan An Truck) - cellar level.
Marina Tower Apartment Cellar (Samland Tan Truck) has a complete region of up to ... (updating)

2. Marina Tower Apartment Task (Samland Tan Vehicle) - Face
On the floor floor of the complete project:
Marina Tower (Samland Tan Truck) has a complete region of 15,000m2, but development density is merely 39%. All the 61% of the land area is spent by the cherry garden, pool, riverside playground, children's playground, walkway, ...

3. The Marina Tower Apartment Task (Samland Tan Truck) - Floor plan.

Marina Tower Apartment Job (Samland Tan Vehicle) - floor plan. Plan lots of typical flats:
For thorough advice on the way, view suitable for your preferences, please Binh Duong contact the info below:

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